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Teal Fairy Slipdress

Teal Fairy Slipdress

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Raw and tattered teal fairy dress, size Small.

The enchanting teal fairy dress, where magic meets edgy elegance. This whimsical dress transports you to a realm of fantasy and mystery. Imbued with an ethereal charm, the dress boasts a mesmerizing teal hue that captures the essence of a moonlit forest. Its raw and tattered edges evoke the imperfect beauty of nature.

Designed to embody the spirit of the forest nymphs, this dress features a flowing silhouette that moves gracefully with every step. Perfect for fairy-themed events, Renaissance fairs, or simply for indulging your inner dreamer.

* size Small
* 36 inch bust
* 31-37 inches long
* side zip
* full coverage
* recycled cotton/rayon blend

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